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Whither Wally Weazle?

Here’s a revelation for you - the rediscovery of a long-lost Muppet. From the Sun, Saturday 21st February 1976:



WATCH OUT Wombles! The Muppets are moving in!

The Muppets are puppets from America. And once they hit our screens they are bound to be deadly rivals of the Wimbledon Common folk.

The Muppets have flown over to make a series of 24 half-hour shows for Associated-Television.

They could become the rage of 1977.

They were first introduced to viewers in Sesame Street, the American-made children’s television programme, which was screened on some British independent television stations.

But the Muppets that viewers will see in this lavish new series some time next winter are later models.

The British branch of the family will be headed by the “star,” Kermit, a big green frog; Waldorf, a retired businessman; Wally Weazle, a writer; and Hilda, a wardrobe mistress.

Shops will be selling Muppets’ shirts, hats, toys and other goods.

But the British Muppets will not be angled solely at children. An Associated-Television official says: “The series will be family viewing.

"We plan to screen it at peak viewing time on a Saturday or Sunday night."

Most of the team will be introduced to British viewers next Friday when they will form part of the Des O’Connor show which opens his new series.

When the Muppets made this appearance on Des O’Connor Entertains Kermit, Waldorf, Hilda, Sam the Eagle and George the Janitor were joined, according to Muppet Wiki, by an unnamed green, bespectacled creature with a typewriter. This is surely Wally Weazle making his only public appearance.

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